Present Your Case to Probate Lawyers in California

One of your loved ones has died, and the will was recently found in his attorney's possession. It all appears to be valid and signed, but you are not sure of what laws need to be followed at this point. Now is the time to contact a California Probate lawyer who knows all the steps that need to be taken.

The process of probating a will in California, or proving a will, involves going to court and asking a judge to probate the will. This is to make sure that the decedent's property is left to the people he or she wished it to go to. At the probate proceedings, the California probate judge will appoint the executor named within the will, or another person who is capable of executing the will, and any people who have claims to the decedent's estate will make these claims here.

Taking a will through California probate proceedings can be a time consuming process, but it is invaluable because it proves the validity of a will with a court order to back it up. This means that the will is presumptively valid because it has followed all of California's probate laws.

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